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View the Epson Projection Distance Calculators and Display Size Calculator for optimal projection setup. Get help for your Acer! Identify your Acer product and we will provide you with downloads, support articles and other online support resources that will help you get the most out of your Acer product. Calculate the possible image size (width, height, diagonal) for a given distance (distance) Calculate the necessary projection distance (distance for wide angle and telephoto lens) for a given image size (width, height, diagonal) If you already know the projection distance you can optionally filter the respective lens result

-Maximum recommended viewing distance: Based on data from Electrohome, which suggests a viewing distance of three to six screen widths for video. This corresponds to the point at which most people will begin having trouble picking out details and reading the screen. Our projector installation calculator can help you find the perfect projector distance and screen size for your room. For the perfect large scale projector installation, the right lens is vital. Epson projectors lead the market with their innovative technology, high quality images and outstanding performance.

The replacement projector would need to handle a 2.3m throw to a dropdown projection screen 3.5m wide x 2.6m tall. The projector is on a fixed ceiling mount (cannot be moved). The lens is aligned more or less with the top of the screen.

Oct 26, 2019 · Projector types, based on throw ratio, are based on the distance the model must be from the screen to project a clear 100-inch image. Normal/Long Throw Projector A normal throw projector, also known as a long throw model, typically works best when installed 6 to 15 feet away from the intended screen. To calculate the optimum projector type, model and positioning in your presentation room, use our interactive projector throw calculator below. Capable of analyzing the most precise requirements and measurements, the calculator ensures you obtain maximum performance from your Panasonic projector. When it's time to install your projector, start with NEC's Image Calculator. By entering just a couple simple details, such as your screen's width or the throw distance, you can discover other key measurements for your particular NEC projector and lens. Plus, easily download the related user manuals and installation guides. Light does not dissipate over distance, so the throw distance makes no difference to required projector power. For a long throw we simply need a suitable lens to focus the light into a smaller angle so that when it arrives a the screen we achieve the required intensity per unit area.

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  • Version 2.35. English. inch
  • Projection Throw Distance. Download Mount Manual ... Throw Distance (a1) ft in ~ ft in. To image (b1) Offset (b3) These measurements are intended as a guide only. 2 ...
  • • Throw Ratio • Projection Lens • Projection Screen size. Installation Type. Table Ceiling . Projection settings for calculation. m cm feet inch.
  • The viewing distance calculator above takes this into account when recommending a size and seating distance. Minimum Viewing Distance by Size and Resolution. Is an upgrade to a 4k TV worth it? The chart below shows the distances that the eye can see the individual pixels on the screen.
  • Try our Projection Calculator and get recommended screen sizes, throw distances and projector placement based on your application.

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