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..from Dang's previous post, I think he preffers the Seas Excel's.. I personally preffer the Seas Excel's too, then the Focal Utopia's (smooth musical colored sound is nice and enjoyable too), then Scanspeak Revelator's (very nice but kinda boring for Me). Discover all our craftmanship sound system collections: high quality loudspeakers made with passion in Italy. Iconic design, refined materials. Looking for fast easy answers or need help accessing our website? Call (608) 831-3433 .

Free shipping over $150 on most products to almost anywhere in Canada. DIY audio repairs, parts and accessories. Largest selection of Celestion, Eminence, Misco, Quam and B&C speakers. Seas H1141-08 L15RLY/P - Midwoofer 8 Ohm. L15RLY/P is a 15 cm (5’’) cone driver, developed for use as a long throw high fidelity woofer or woofer/midrange unit. Stiff, yet light aluminium cone and low loss rubber surround show no sign of the familiar 500-1500 Hz cone edge resonance and distortion associated with soft cones. I was wondering what Dave's rationale was choosing the RAAL ribbon for the Towers versus a Beryllium dome tweeter, such as the one that Paradigm uses. Just curious if it was solely to compete with the Salk Songtowers or if there were some sound acoustic benefits to the RAAL.

Industry & Retail. Audio Components is the official Dutch distributor for several leading loudspeaker and crossoverparts manufacturers.. Starting in 1986, we represent the following companies: Scan-Speak, Accuton, Seas, SB-Acoustics, Peerless, Morel, Vifa, Fountek, Audyn, Jantzen-Audio, Intertechnik and DACT.

There are quintessential Nordic speaker makers Dynaudio, Jamo, DALI, even Raidho. Driver manufacturers abound too, with most of the world’s best speakers using Danish-designed (not always Danish-built, however) transducers from ScanSpeak, SEAS, Audio Technology, SB Acoustics and more. Really, a who’s who of high-end audio purveyors in every ... May 16, 2017 · Fabulous build! Troels has said a few times that if you had a choice between expensive drivers with cheap crossover components vs cheap drivers with expensive crossovers than you should always go for the cheap drivers. You simply gain much more from a good crossover network.

Blackcones, vintage SEAS 21 TV-G and SEAS 9 TV-LG, my Christmas break fun project and final chapter on resonant boxes Clarion by SEAS, a 1978 classic 3-way from SEAS 25 F-WBX/DD, 11FM (H130) and 1' dome (H107) SEAS kit 503, the big SEAS 3-way of the Seventies SEAS KIT brochure SEAS KIT 303 crossover Download SEAS brochure (Norwegian) on kits ... For this example, I picked 3 ScanSpeak drivers for a 3-way speaker - the same 3 used on the Crossover Tutorial. This design is old and the characteristics of these drivers have since changed and/or been discontinued. These 3 drivers might be smaller than what is expected of a typical 3-way system. Question à propos de ScanSpeak 32W/4878T00-4 Poser une nouvelle question Le système de question / réponse est proposé uniquement pour répondre aux questions d'ordre technique. Oct 29, 2006 · I'm interested in maybe embarking on DIYing some speakers. I currently have a commercial set of speakers that go down to 42Hz but I would love to have something that goes down to the 20-30Hz range with good soundstage and imaging... i know there are literally dozens and dozens of DIY... Twitter Now Lets Total Strangers Direct-Message You | WIRED How to Draw the Twitter Logo (symbol, emblem) - YouTube

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  • Hifitalon laajasta valikoimasta löydät kaiuttimet sekä muut äänentoistoon liittyvät laitteet ja tarvikkeet autoosi. Meiltä saat hankittua kaiken tarpeellisen yhdellä kertaa: kaiuttimet, soittimet, vahvistimet, subwooferit, kaiutin-virtakaapelit ja peruutuskamerat jne.
  • Coincident Speaker Technology is committed to providing the high end audiophile with the finest value components in the world. Established by Israel Blume in 1993 for the sole purpose of creating a superior loudspeaker, Coincident components exist for only one purpose: to provide the discerning music lover with the finest sounding, best built products that above all else, enhances the musical ...
  • Jul 14, 2017 · Just seen this over at AudioMart and they are absolutely beautiful! Just curious as to how the Salk Silk Monitors compare to the Philharmonic Philharmonitors. Both use RAAL tweeters and a 5.5" ScanSpeak Illuminator mid drivers. Here is a link for the Salk Silk Monitors...
  • In a lower tuned box they hit rediculous but mine is tuned in the 48-50 htz range. Took them to a local audio shop that deals with Sundown and they tried both brands in one of their custom boxes and to be honest there was a little bit of mechanical noise(not enough to hear in car, just in showroom) from both but my MA-8 seemed to have more presence on lows(~32-38 htz) but the Sundown SA8 v.2's ...
  • Posted this on diyAudio just curious what you guys think too: I'm considering a pair of bookshelves to pair with my LMS5400 subs. Planning of using a RAAL 70-20XR as a tweeter. Can someone compare/contrast the offerings such as: Accuton c173-6-096e Accuton c90-6-078 Audio Technology...

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