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The United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA for short) is a popular sport that combines the accuracy of a pistol shooting match with the speed and action of a foot race and mixes in a fair amount of strategy and planning as well. Revolvers have generally fallen out of favor with police and militaries because of their relatively low ammunition capacities and long reload times. Famous military revolvers include the Webley, the Colt Single Action Army and the Smith & Wesson 1917. Many police forces still use revolvers for backup weapons (usually .357 Magnum or .38 Special). .

Reloading for USPSA Carry Optics Carry Optics division is fairly easy to figure out when it comes to ammo as the rules provide some limitations on you from the start. If you are shooting it Carry Optics, you are going to be scored at minor power factor no matter what your bullet weighs or how fast it is moving...the rules say so - minor PF and ... Load Titles: Number of Loads.380 Auto / .380 ACP (9mm Corto & 9mm Short) (Lyman Cast Bullet Handbook 3rd Edition) 44.380 Auto / .380 ACP (9mm Kurz & 9mm Corto) (Super Vel Data)

USPSA Production Gun List. These are the steps and criteria for a handgun to be accepted to the Production gun list. 1. 2000 manufactured and available to the general public . 2. No magwell attachments or external flaring of the magwell, the lateral internal width of the well may not be more than 1/4" wider than the lateral width of the magazine. The Revolver is a ranged weapon that fires Pistol bullets and holds 8 rounds while loaded. While crude in design, the Revolver can do a low amount of damage. Unlike most guns, it does not require High Quality Metal to craft, and is therefore a simple weapon. Gun muzzles must be pointed down range at all times. Muzzles turned more than 180 degrees from the range centerline will result in disqualification - termination of shooting privileges for the remainder of the day. Equipment Handgun - There are different divisions in which you may compete at a USPSA pistol match. These Divisions are set up to ...

Feb 16, 2016 · Brutal USPSA Classifier Stage (CM 09-01, Six-in-six) ... and the USPSA guys shoot a plate match on the last Sunday a month I've been told. ... About Texas Gun Talk. Feb 16, 2016 · Brutal USPSA Classifier Stage (CM 09-01, Six-in-six) ... and the USPSA guys shoot a plate match on the last Sunday a month I've been told. ... About Texas Gun Talk. Revolver - 170 . Production - 125 Minimum (No Major) SASS. All Divisions Minor - 60 . No velocities below 400 fps allowed. Maximum velocity for revolvers - 1000 fps . Maximum velocity for rifles - 1400 fps . Pocket pistols, derringers, and long range rifles are exempt from the power factor and velocity requirements.We stay up to date on all the laws for gun shows, gun licenses, conceal carry, being a gun dealer and attending gun auctions and gun shows. We’ve also got tips for cleaning, modifying and hacking your guns for maximum performance. Join the Gun Carrier community and stay safe, informed and up to date on the best gear!

Mar 21, 2018 · Smith & Wesson 929: USPSA Revolver Rig ... That leaves two on my right side for a right handed reload and five on my left side for my normal strong hand reload. 40 cal reloading data, 40 s&w load data, 40 s&w reload data using 155 grain bullets, 40 s&w reloading data, load data for 40 s&w, reloading 40 s&w data, reloading data 40 s&w pistol, reloading data for 40 s&w, reloading data for 40cal 165 gr, reloading the s&w40, wst in 40 sw A course of fire may have you shooting while moving, moving and reloading at the same time, engaging challenging targets, and all from multiple positions throughout. To compete you simply need your favorite gun, a few extra magazines, a holster for each, a couple hundred rounds, and a sense of safety. Reload Lookiloos. When I first got serious about defensive/tactical shooting about twenty years ago, one of the golden rules was never take your eyes off the bad guy. Specifically, they applied this rule to reloads. It was the height of suicidal stupidity, they said, to look at your gun when reloading.

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  • Holsters and Rigs. A large assortment of IPSC, USPSA, IDPA and 3-Gun Holsters, Magazine Pouches and Belts for the Competitive Shooter. Here you can find closed holsters, race holsters, pistol and rifle magazine pouches - standard or magnetic and various Rig accessories.
  • In Revolver Division, I can load to capacity, but I'm required to reload after firing 6 rounds. Sure. Both Taurus and S&W have 7 and 8 shot revolvers which have barrels less than 5". The models are listed in Production Division.
  • Apr 08, 2018 · USPSA shoots 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month at 6:00 PM. If you want to check this out, come by at 5:00 PM for a safety meeting and match instruction. Lots of fun for all levels!
  • I am starting to shoot USPSA locally. I have an XDm 45 w/ 5.25 barrel. I want to reduce recoil and my thinking is to reload ammo that can come close to the minor power factor. I want to shoot in production class. This is the gun I"ll use for now until I figure this all out and move to a 9mm. I have ordered a new trigger and 14 & 18 lb springs.
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